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Bars and Restaurants

Restaurant «Krestovskiy»

Restaurant «Krestovskiy»

Located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. A big area and a huge number of windows create here a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The hall is designed in light colors that makes you feel a holiday or a special occasion. It is a great place for your wedding reception, corporate parties, anniversaries, holidays and simple family events.

Restaurant «Elagin»

Restaurant «Elagin»

Restaurant «Elagin» - located on the 3rd floor of the hotel and brightly designed, has the ceiling in the form of a dome that creates an unusual atmosphere. With the capacity of 60 persons it can be a great place for lunches and dinners, weddings, corporate parties and other celebrations.

Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar

Take a cup of aromatic coffee, watch TV, listen to the music in the evening, and watch the football match with your friends, and dine with your family! It all can be done in the lobby bar on the 1st floor. If you are waiting for a taxi or you simply want to relax on the sofa using Internet – a polite barman will suggest something special to your taste! For children we have ice-creams, desserts, juices, for adults - extended wine list and a great choice of main courses! We love and think much about our guests, and we try to respect all wishes of each of you.

Summer Terrace

Summer Terrace

Terrace has the capacity for 50 persons. A splendid terrace look out upon the rowing channel and the Gulf of Finland. The uncommon seating plan, the dance floor in the center of the lower level, much light creates the comfort and warm atmosphere. Also this hall suits for small wedding receptions.

Dining Room

Dining Room

The dining room is good for organised lunches and dinners. Chefs will cook for you substantial sets of meals and a friendly crew of waiters will serve you quickly and in a high quality manner.

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